Our Heating Oil Delivery Area


All orders must be received via internet before 3pm of the day before delivery,

after 3pm your order will need to be placed 2 days out,

or the next time we are scheduled in your area.
If we go to your area on Wednesdays-please place your

order by 3pm Tuesday to be guaranteed delivery.



Town Day
Ashuelot Tuesday/Friday *K
Alstead Thursday
Chesterfield Wednesday/Friday
Dublin Monday/Thursday
Fitzwilliam Tuesday/Thursday *K
Gilsum Thursday *K
Hancock Thursday
Harrisville Monday/Thursday**
Hinsdale Tuesday/Friday *K
Jaffrey Monday/Tuesdays
Keene Every Day *K
Marlborough Monday/Thursday *K
Marlow Thursday**
Munsonville Thursday**
Nelson Thursday**
Peterborough Monday**
Richmond Tuesday/Friday *K
Rindge Tuesday/Thursday** *K
Roxbury Monday/Thursday *K
Spofford Wednesday/Friday *K
Stoddard Thursday
Sullivan Thursday *K
Surry Thursday *K
Swanzey Every Day *K
Troy Tuesday/Thursday *K
Walpole Wednesday**
Westmoreland Wednesday
Winchester Tuesday/Friday *K


** indicates 150 gallons

*K indicates Kerosene, Fridays only




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