Frequent Questions



Is there a minimum delivery?   Yes, 100 gallons we need to base the price per gallon.


Do you make emergency deliveries?   Yes, always. Dependent upon the time of day, where routes are and if it is after hours fees vary. Emergency deliveries are very costly to us, if we can route you in there will be no extra charge. If the truck has left your town there will be a delivery charge. Automatic customers need not worry.


If my burner needs to be re-started is there a charge?   Yes, if this is done by the oil delivery driver there is a prime/start charge of $30.00. Automatic customers need not worry.


Do you accept fuel assistance programs?   Yes, please see our Energy Assistance Page for more information.


Can I order online? Yes you can!  Check our Delivery Area schedule to see when your delivery will be scheduled for.


What forms of payment do you accept?  Old fashion cash, check and all types of credit cards.


Do you know that your furnace should be cleaned EVERY year to maintain itsí peak efficiency? Schedule during the spring and summer to take advantage of specials.


Do you offer budget plans?  Yes, yes!  These are set up during the summer.  They are 9, 10, and 11 month budgets.  Very cost effective.  Call to find out what will best fit you and your household.


Do you sell pre-buy?  Yes, but following the state guidelines we can only sell pre-buy during the period of time from May 1st until October 31st. We are also a state registered company to sell pre-buy.





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