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Some of our comments:


Great Service! Great Price! Great People! 




Great people great service...Your always treated as a person not a number and that is a personal touch which you don't see very often. Love You all!



Just wanted to say that you guys are awesome. Sorry for the messed up payment on the last delivery. I forgot to update the card that you guys had on file. I squared up with you guys today. Thanks for understanding and always making me feel like family.

Sincerely, Jason Regal Sr.



This is a nice place to do business very friendly and they are here when they say they will be. Another service the girls give the area they try to get as much candy off of the market as they can to save your children's teeth. What a great crew.



We have been with Swanzey Oil for a few years now they have always been very easy to do business with and the oil is always there on time. Very very happy with them.




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